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Simex doubles plant







>>>Simex focusses on DATA RECOVERY 01/01/2008


Simex has over 25 years of experience in harddisks.

From the very early beginning : harddisks of 14” with removable platters, over 8” fixed harddisk drives and also 5.25” drives of 5 MB ( ! ). So long is Simex active in this harddisk world.

Today Simex can offer a full service on recovering lost data.

Data can be lost because of several reasons but in many cases it’s very dramatic.

Very important private pictures, movies but also very important documents ( letters, spreadsheets, presentations, accounting files, etc…. ) can be lost and can be very dramatic for the company.

In about 94% of the cases we are able to recover the files. For more information go to the page Datarecovery



>>>Simex doubles plant 10/04/2003


Due to a pending lack of space, Simex doubled its plant. Some time ago Simex already opened a new workshop in Sint Agatha Rode, but this new plant is situated next to the workshop in Heverlee.


Because of the changing service-demands (swapstock) and because of the fast growing number of in-house repairs, Simex had to enlarge the workshop and warehouse. Simex now counts 3 departements, some 5000m in total. The recent expantion enables Simex to further diversify its services, there is space to take on new projects.





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