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Data lost due to bad back-up ?

Data lost because of defective harddisk ?

Data lost due to viruses, wrong command (format,… ) ?

Damage caused by fire, crash, water, electric or electronic problems?


Do not panic!

Contact us asap, the chance is very realistic that our experts can restore your info.

Data Recovery is the process of restoring the lost information (due to mechancical or physical failure) from all types of media and operating systems (hard drives, tapes, removable media, …, Windows, Linux,…). Our experts ensure safety and confidentiality of your data. Because we see the importance of your data, we will inform you through every step in the Data Recovery-process. This process consists of 2 phases.

>> Phase 1: Diagnostic Service

After having received your ‘Data Recovery Request’ a representative will contact you immediately. The representative will advise how to collect the defective medium after having explained the procedure. Once in our lab, our experts evaluate the state of the hard disk and they will inform the result of the diagnosis (fee + recoverable data).

>> Phase 2: Recovery Service

At your request we start the recovery-process. Your drive will be taken in the clean room where the experts will restore your data. At the end of this process, the experts will recover the data on a USB harddisk or other media (at request).




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